Gettysburg School Student Assistance Team

What is the Student Assistance Team?

The Student Assistance Team (SAT) is a team consisting of teacher, administrators, school counselors, and other support personal. The purpose of this organization is to address four areas of concern in student life: attendance, academics, behavior and school health.

Examples of concern

Examples of concern in a student's life can be:

Mission Statement and Goals

The mission of the Student Assistance Team is to provide assistance and intervention for students at risk of failing to reach their potential in the areas of attendance, academics, behavior and school health.

The goals of the Student Assistance Team are to assist young people dealing with at-risk behaviors and provide essential links to social and state services

Referral Procedures

Referrals to the student assistance team can be made by:

A referral may be made in person or via a locked referral box available in the main office

What Happens After a Referral is Made to the Student Assistance Team

Further information is gathered and a Student Assistance Team meeting is held to determine and appropriate plan of action.The following are examples of possible recommendations:

All Gettysburg School District Staff have been trained for the Student Assistance Team with new staff being trained as needed.

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