Keith Scott

History - Government - Geography - Psychology - Social Studies

I am Mr. Scott.

You will take 4 classes from me your Sophomore, Junior and Senior years. Sophomores take World Geography 1st semester, World History 2nd semester. You will Take American History from me your Junior year and American Government your Senior year. The two electives I also teach are Psychology and Sociology.

This is my 35th year of teaching, my 28th year here in Gettysburg. I am also one of the bus drivers and the Junior High and Assistant Football coach and one of the Head Golf Coaches.

I am married and have two children who both went to school here in Gettysburg. I took early retirement and now teach half time.

My web page address is

On my web page you will find assignments and quizzes that you will take for each chapter. These will be corrected in class. There is also other stuff of interest here like the pictures from the class I advise and different activities I am involved with like my pep rally selfie.

I look forward to having you in my class.

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