Hi! I’m Caylee Sorum, I’m the high school English teacher here at Gettysburg High School. This will be my third year of teaching, as well as my third year in Gettysburg. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in English Education from Dakota State University in Madison. In addition to teaching high school English, I am the yearbook adviser, and coach oral interp and one act.

Outside of school, I spend time with my husband, Nate, and my son, Griffin. We attend a lot of Battler sporting events and enjoy watching movies and Neflix.

Goals and Expectations

Throughout the school year, all four high school English classes will be focusing on reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary. This year, we are starting a new English curriculum. The new curriculum has awesome online resources that help with close reading and lay the groundwork for analysis. Students are expected to do the reading homework, will be doing a variety of writing assignments, and each student is expected to get ten AR points during the grading period, of which there are ten throughout the year.

My goals for the year are fairly simple: I would like the students to engage in critical thinking and develop the skills that they will need in higher education. Reading and writing are skills that are essential to all job fields. My expectations are, again, fairly simple: I expect students to show respect in the classroom, respect to each other, to me and to the school.

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Accelerated Reader Points Schedule

You will need 10 AR points by each of the following dates

1st Quarter

September 14th

October 5th

2nd Quarter

October 26th

November 16th

December 20th

3rd Quarter

Janurary 25th

February 15th

March 8th

4th Quarter

April 12th

May 16th

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