Christina Bieber



Why I Teach

I am a teacher because of my lifelong love of children.  As far back as I can remember I was always seeking out babies and children to entertain.  It was only natural that I chose a profession that lets me do that on a daily basis.  I go to school each daily feeling fortunate and blessed to be doing this for a living. 

I also have the honor of being a child’s first teacher!  I love to see the sparkle in a child’s eye when they are having fun learning.  If I can give them a positive first experience in school and show them that learning is fun then maybe they will be enthusiastic about it throughout their school careers. 

Learning Goals

It is very important for parents to know that the Kindergarten curriculum has advanced a great deal from when they were children.  It is no longer just social skills.  This is where children learn to read.  They learn the basic number sense that is built upon each year after this. Readiness for a vigorous academic program is crucial to a child’s success. 

Parents will need to be active participants in their child’s education as we work together to set each child on a positive academic path.  An open line of communication is important to every child’s success.  I will strive to keep you aware of strengths and needs in the classroom and please keep me informed of accomplishments and struggles at home.

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Contact Info

You can reach me at the school by phone or by email.

Kindergarten Supply List

Water color paints (8 basic colors)

Markers (8 basic colors)

Colored pencils (basic colors)

12 sharpened pencils with erasers (no mechanical pencils)

Pencil sharpener

2 erasers

1 box of crayons (no more than 36 colors while including the 8 basic colors)

2 bottles of glue

1 pair of pointed tip scissors

An old shirt for painting


School bag Box of tissues to share

Large plastic pencil box

Optional - 3.5mm size earbuds for computer class (these help prevent earring snags)

It is very helpful if you label all of your child’s supplies. Please keep in mind that supplies may need to be replenished throughout the year. I will send a note when this is needed.

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