Hello, my name is Jamie Cronin and I teach 4th Grade at Gettysburg Elementary School

Welcome to the Fourth Grade. Fourth Grade is a big jump academically and behaviorally from Third Grade. My expectations are high in the area of being a responsible learner. This means being prepared for school each day both physically and mentally. Physically by having all of your belongings and any work that is due completed. Mentally by being ready to learn. This means being well rested and focused on the task at hand. I expect the same of myself. Please help in this process by maintain open line of communication between home and school.

My Lesson Plan

Contact Information

School:   605 765 2436

Mobile:   605 769 9901

Home:   605 765 9655

Email:   jamie.cronin@k12.sd.us

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Grading Scale

A    94-100

B    87-93

C    80-86

D    70-79

F    69 - 0

Gettysburg School District
100 East King Avenue
Gettysburg SD 57442

605 765 2436

605 765 2249
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