LaNae Fuerst


My name is LaNae Fuerst and I am the FACS teacher/FCCLA adviser. This is my second year here at the Gettysburg School. I grew up on a farm near Tripp, SD which is about 3 1/2 hours SE of Gettysburg. My parents are farmers and they raise cattle and grow corn and soybeans. I graduated from Tripp-Delmont HS with a small class of only 10 people so I'm definitely used to the small town feel. I love small towns and the way that everyone knows everyone.

Growing up, I worked with kids in school and 4-H and loved it, but I never thought about being a teacher. It wasn't until my sophomore year of college that the idea of becoming a teacher really popped into my head. Something that is a little strange about myself being a FACS teacher is that Tripp didn;t have a FACS program so I never grew up with it. I mostly was interested in becoming a FACS teacher through my 4-H experiences. I love 4-H and everything that it has to offer, and a lot of what 4-H teaches is related to what I teach in a FACS classroom minus the Agriculture side of things.

I think it would be really great to grow the FCCLA chapter in terms of number of students. This year the 6th graders are able to join FCCLA and they are really excited to see what FCCLA has to offer. I also want students to go to the state FCCLA meeting and compete in their different projects known as STAR events. If they are the top in their division, they can make it to Nationals as well which would be a great goal to achieve!

Class Expectations:

  • Bring all necessary supplies to class
  • Be in your seat when the bell rings
  • Cooperate with students in class to the best of your ability
  • Show respect for yourself, for others, and for our classroom
  • Leave your work area as neat as or better than you found it
  • Give your best effort
  • Have fun!

  • Classroom Guidelines

  • Keep yourself busy if you get done with your work early. Do not bother other students.
  • Pop, candy or snacks are allowed for special events only. Foods prepared in cooking lab stay there.
  • Use common sense and the golden rule; show respect for me, yourself, and others.
  • Everyone has the right to their own opinion. You may not agree, but you need to respect it.

  • I will do everything I can to make sure every individual gets what they need to be successful.

    Please contact me if you need help with coursework or concepts.

    If you have any questions regarding FCCLA, please take a look at these websites!

    SD FCCLA website:

    National FCCLA website: ​

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