Hello! My name Shane Wager. This webpage is my sub-page of the school page. Please have a responsible level of fun.


I am the Tech Coordinator at the Gettysburg School District. My responsibilities include.

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I've lived about four miles from Gettysburg in and old house on a dirt farm my entire life. The farm used to have a handful of livestock here and there until I ended up down a father, so I mainly raise cats and grass now. They are adorable. The cats, I mean. My mother is also adorable, and the best.

Coming up raw and alone and being somewhat resourceful, I've learned or have had to learn many things. Technology and design are some of the more useful skills that I ended up being versed in, and I've been turning them as a trade since 2005.

I also know many semi-useful and useless things, in the event that you have any questions about mirepoix, art, prose, animation, shoes, or manga.

This page to be updated with super fun info and resources soon.

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